NSR 4-Bike


Quickest loading rack on the market
Lightweight and easy to use
Highly durable with no plastic parts
Fits a wide variety of mountain bikes (including kids bikes and ebikes)
New taller mast accommodates longer slacker mountain bikes


Our most popular rack with thousands sold, the NSR 4-bike rack carries 4 mountain bikes, contact free, and in the least amount of space possible. The simple Patented design is the quickest and easiest loading bike rack. It does not block the tail lights on most vehicles; something to consider with your friends and family onboard, and your expensive bikes behind. When unloaded, it conveniently folds in half, making it one of the most compact and easy to live with 4-bike racks anywhere. Like all of our models it is adjustable in height, setback and layback, fitting virtually any vehicle without additional parts.

What They Say

I just wanted to write to thank you for the awesome rack! I’d seen them around previously, but was totally blown away by how solid it is in person. Looking forward to many years of hassle-free bike transport!


We’ve looked around and tried most of the bike racks available, but none really did it for me. When your bike is as valuable as it is to me it would be bonkers to carry it around on your car using a plastic bike rack. Then I started to notice more and more friends using the North Shore Rack. The North Shore Rack is tidy, efficient and, judging by the construction, will outlast my car. Even my vertically challenged girlfriend can easily load bikes onto it and they are held firmly so I know the bikes are going to be kept scratch free, safe and secure. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the best bike rack available.


I just wanted to let you know that the rack was absolutely superb! We had a very busy summer renting bikes on the KVR Trail and developed quickly into planning trips & tours for – and raved about your rack to anyone I caught having a look – it was a real eye catcher in the Okanagan where cycling is booming… I told many people it is a long time since I got really excited about a piece of equipment (I used to work in the bike & ski industries both) but this rack had me jumping up and down happy! Thanks for creating such a great product!


I was in Friday to pick up my new rack and I just wanted to mention how impressed I was with the experience. It was super polished and in a world where I often feel like the after purchase experience leaves me feeling flat, this was a complete homerun. It looks like you guys run a very cool business, beyond just making a great product. Well done and congratulations!


The rack showed up Friday, sooner than promised, and we piled six bikes on it and headed for the hills. What a great product. The quality is top notch and the simple elegance of this design makes loading and unloading a breeze.Thanks again.


Just wanted to let you know my rack arrived Friday. My 11yr old put most of it together on Saturday. The bikes got put on it and hauled to the trail. Great product, I love it. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work.


I’ve finally gotten my NSR-4 Bike rack, after wanting one for years and trying other cheap and terrible racks. I love it! Super easy to use, no bike contact or rubbing, make this the ultimate rack!


We finally arrived home from our holidays and mounted the rack….very impressive. Thanks so much for the speedy delivery and for answering all my questions!


The customer service was awesome! Now we are part of the exclusive NS rack owners club in Squamish!!! Yay!


I received the NSR-4. I have assembled it and tried it on our vehicle. I got out some bikes and found that the rack worked every bit as well as I thought it would. Thank you for a great product and your prompt service.


Huge thanks, very quick turn around and delivery. The rack was a snap to set up and even easier to load. Our old Thule rack was much more of a hassle, and got in my wife’s way for day to day use. The North Shore Rack provides much better access to the vehicle. Truly element in it’s simplicity. I look forward to many years/miles of use out of this!


I just got back from a trip to Utah with the family. Thanks again for the rack, it is the best purchase I have ever made for our bikes, hands down! It was amazing the ease with which the rack handled the off-roading that we put it through. Awesome rack.


I purchased a NSR 4 version and just love it. I have it on a 1999 2WD Suburban and it has taken the bikes out of the truck and onto the racks. I could not have designed a better rack and use it lots on mountain shuttles and bumpy roads. Well done and thanks. BTW, I get lots of stares in the parking lots.


The bike rack is working beautifully. It’s very, very quick and easy to use and it stood up to one of the most bumpiest logging roads I’ve ever been on. What a relief it is, not having to struggle putting my bike on a rack; and with the style of my frame, it was always a struggle. I recommend this rack to everyone.