Road Bike Adapter


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The wait is finally over, introducing the NSR-Road Bike Adaptor. While this project took many twists and turns the final result is a robust, simple and stylish solution for loading both road and gravel bikes in our patented cradle design. The road bike adaptor simply replaces the front wheel of a bike using either a 9mm x 100mm quick release axle, or a 12mm x 100mm threaded axle, then slots into the rack cradle and secures with a Voile strap. To avoid handlebar interference, road bikes are to be loaded to the left of a mountain bike. Bikes with drop bars will need a space between each cradle to avoid handlebar contact.


  • Welded aluminum construction
  • Anodized finish
  • 100% manufactured in North America
  • Compatible with both 9mm x 100mm QR axles, and 12mm x 100x threaded axles
  • Peace of mind stability with branded Voile anchor strap
  • No frame or handlebar contact
  • Drop bar bike capacity
    • NSR-2: 1-2 bikes
    • NSR-4: 2 bikes
    • NSR-6: 3 bikes