Anti-Rattle Hitch Pin

$50.00 CAD

Direct replacement for the factory anti-rattle pin.
Made locally from hardened steel.
Can be locked with a padlock (not included).

In Stock


All 2″ hitch model racks now come with new design of anti-rattle lockable hitch pin manufactured in house. In the past we’ve used various offshore suppliers for these and all have had their problems. Our new pins are made from a hardened grade 8 steel, use a welded bracket, and are lockable with a 1/4″ shackle padlock (not included). All of the integrated lock designs we’ve used are prone to siezing and are easily defeated. The padlock method is simpler, more reliable and stronger. These pins are threaded long enough to fit the oversized 2.5″ hitches now found on some heavy duty trucks, and are long enough for Toyota hitches.

These are included with all 2″ hitch racks.



Note: most commercially available anti rattle pins are made from soft steel, have weak brackets, and use an integrated lock which is prone to seizing, and is easily removed with a pipe. Our pins are grade 8 steel, use a welded bracket and can be locked with a conventional padlock (1/4” shackle). They are also long enough for most oversized 2 ½” hitches found on HD trucks as well as Toyota hitches.