We strongly recommend a basic yearly routine care for your rack as this will go a long way in maintaining your rack’s appearance and integrity. As a steel product, although powder coated, our racks can be susceptible to rust, but simple preventative measures and a little TLC can go a long way in maintaining a rack’s aesthetics.

First, it is important to apply an all-purpose grease to the articulating components (folding mechanism, and angle adjustment) as this will reduce wear and prevent moisture from remaining in the contact points. Second, should the rack’s powder coat be damaged by flat pedal spikes, kicked up rocks on the road, or impacts, we recommend that it be touched up as bare steel will rust if left exposed. Simply prep the damaged are with sandpaper or wire brush depending on the area size and apply a rust inhibitor paint matching the rack’s powder coat finish. Either a spray-based paint, or automotive touch up paint pen will work great depending on the size of area that requires touching up.

Between seasons, it is important to check that all bolts and lock nuts of the rack are tightened to the proper torque specs. These should be checked semi-annually or when needed depending on use.

We have a selection of Replacement Parts under the products section of the website.