Our North Shore Racks are primarily designed for mountain bikes with front suspension forks however, we’ve found that many other (non-road) bikes usually do fit.  There must be enough clearance in between the front tire and the top for the fork for the cradle device of the rack to fit.

It would need to have a minimum of 3” in between fork blades and ¾” clearance in between the tire and the fork crown.  Please refer to the Loading Bikes video found on the VIDEOS page of our website which will give a better idea of how the rack works, bike fitment, etc.

The maximum bike weight per cradle is 60lbs.

Road bikes will not fit. There simply isn’t enough room in between the front tire and the top of the fork for the cradle device of the racks to fit. But we have some good news! We are in the process of developing a Road Bike Adapter that will fit all of our rack models (and retrofittable). More info can be found in the PRODUCTS/RACK ADD-ONS link of our website.

Many fat bikes fit however, some fat carbon forks may be an issue. Please refer to the measurements above for fitment.

Kids bikes? Our North Shore Racks have been successful with carrying many models of kids bikes; anywhere from 12 inch to a 20 inch and up. The cradles are made from cold workable steel, so if one is a bit tight, it is just a matter of opening them up a little if needed for a large headtube. We use this process in the warehouse with our jigs.

E-bikes? North Shore Racks have the highest carrying capacity per cradle at 60lbs. Each rack model has a total carrying capacity: NSR-2s 100lbs, NSR-4s 200lbs and NSR6s 300lbs of bikes. Please ensure your vehicle hitch is capable of carrying the load of the rack and bikes.

Lefty’s? Please take a look at the measurements above. The rack was designed with the Lefty in mind which is why the upper cradles are turned to the right (to support the left/only fork) rather than the left.