“Just wanted to let you know that your bike rack is working beautifully.  It's very, very quick and easy to use and it stood up to one of the most bumpiest logging roads I've ever been on.  What a relief it is, not having to struggle putting my bike on a rack; and with the style of my frame, it was always a struggle.  I recommend this rack to everyone.”

Chris Babcock


“I’ve had many different styles of bike racks, for a variety of different vehicles, and I’ve usually found particular flaws with each one. These flaws were things that I had to adapt to and work around during my rides. So far, the North Shore Rack is one of the best systems I’ve ever used and it’s really easy to use.”

Denise Britton
The Biking Hub


"The North Shore Rack has changed the dynamic of our mini-Van! We can now be traveling in total comfort inside with all of the big bikes on the rack. Most bike racks can't handle more than 2 big
bikes but this bad boy let's us put 4 DH bikes on with no problem.
In fact, the more bikes and the bigger they were, the better the rack works! No frame is an issue to load, period. The actual mounting system is brilliant!"

Darren Butler
Endless Biking


"Brilliant! Best rack on the market. The North Shore Rack holds any shape or size of bike. Another plus is the speed that you can load and unload bikes."

Peter and Janice


"After being fortunate enough to see a pre-production model of your rack and tracking you down to buy one we immediately mounted it on the back of our motorhome and left on a 10,000km round trip drive to Ontario.  We were, and continue to be, very impressed by the ease of loading our bikes (a mix of downhill and cross country) and the stability your design provides on the long haul.  The bikes were rock solid and it was quick to unload any bike for a ride wherever we stopped, unlike our previous rack where the bikes were piled on like a jigsaw puzzle.  It easily handled the different frame styles and sizes.  We have used it since our return on our van for shuttle runs on the North Shore and it has once again proven its worth.  We recommend it highly and confidently."

Hugh and Kathy Weekes

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